Unexpected Returns: A Course of Insights FAQs

General Information

  • What is Unexpected Returns: A Course of Insights?

    It is an online, on-demand video-based presentation delivered by Ed Easterling that discusses key concepts from his book Unexpected Returns. He combines the teaching style from his experience as an Adjunct Professor with the edutainment style from his ongoing experience as an industry speaker. The presentations use Crestmont’s thought-provoking research and dynamic color graphics to deliver insights about the causes and principles driving secular stock market cycles.

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  • How is the course structured?

    1 course consisting of 3 parts, each part with 2 classes. The full course, therefore, has 6 classes. Each class averages about 25-30 minutes of dynamic video and narration audio.

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  • Are current updates available for the charts in the course?

    Updates to almost all of the charts in the course are available on the Crestmont Research website. Updates are made periodically based upon availability and relevance. The principles and discussions throughout the course are relevant even with charts that were timely when the course was produced. Some people find time to be a good test of the principles…

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  • What can I do if the video is not smooth or the resolution is not clear?

    Some monitors, tablets, and other devices do not render our video with high quality. You can achieve better results by reducing the size of your browser window. Also, for slower internet connections, pause the video at the start to enable the video to build a playback buffer.

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  • Are there general considerations with iPads and similar devices?

    Older models of iPads and similar devices do not perform as consistently (and sometimes not at all) compared to most computers and notebooks. Further, the presentation’s player may not adjust automatically to the screen size; some navigation controls may appear just off the screen and manual adjustments may be necessary.

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  • The class player or browser locked-up during playback. What should I do?

    Please try closing the browser and restarting the playback. We should have known that including gremlins as stars in the course might cause disruption sometimes…most of the time it’s Nezmo.

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  • Question 9

    Answer 9

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  • Question 10

    Answer 10

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  • If I have a general problem, question, or comment, how do I contact Crestmont Research?

    Please email us at Info [at] CrestmontResearch.com or use the form on the contact page.

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